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Swifty Core Data - session for WTB

This started with an out of the blue mail that asked me if I could present at Swift WTB conference. I was reluctant at first since I have never done any presentations, and I assume myself to be a bad speaker. But after some discussions with my colleague @Manav I said yes.

I discussed the topics I could pick with my colleagues. My ability to answer any question from the audiences on my topic depended on my familiarity with the topic. So, I wanted to pick something that I was comfortable with. Public speaking is not my forte, and I should use this knowledge I have about me.

I had implemented the much-coveted POP (Protocol Oriented Programming) principle on my NSManagedObject classes and had found it making my code pretty. I had it in production in my app Checkvistle (swift only). So I ended up picking this concept for my presentation and called it “Swifty Core Data”.

The presentation and an example project (with all the discussed approaches and associated tests) is also available here.

The session video has been provided by Swift WTB who were cool enough to let me put the video on YouTube for easier access to everybody. You can watch it on YouTube.

Contact me in case of any queries/suggestions. Thanks for reading/watching!