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All New Checkvistle

Get the latest update from App Store! Here is a rundown of the newest features.

1. Search within Checkvistle

Now you can search in all your tasks and task lists with blazing speeds using a search bar placed right on top of your lists! The search lists include both the lists and the tasks with matching content.


2. Filter tasks

Tasks can now be filtered using the status of a task. So if you want to focus only on your incomplete tasks or are finding it difficult to look at your completed tasks, worry no more!

The filters on one list do not effect any other list, so personalize your lists for yourself.

Filter Tasks

3. Lists show accessibility

Lists now color code as red if they are private, otherwise green. This is done very subtly using a thin bar on the left of the list so that it doesn’t hinder with your normal work.

Lists accessibility

4. Dynamic Text

Checkvistle now changes it’s font based on your preferred font size. Check the screenshots here showing how the lists are shown differently based on user’s preference of text size.

Big Normal Small
Big Normal Small

5. 3D Touch

Use shortcuts from home screen to add lists or search within Checkvistle. Want something else to be added? Contact us!

3D Touch

6. Spotlight

Checkvistle lists can also be accessed from spotlight now! Checkout the attached screenshot.


Get the latest update from App Store! Have any feedback for us? Contact us