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Skipping Posts In Jekyll Feed


I needed a place to host simple pages when necessary for my personal apps. Like a privacy policy for my app. I don’t want to show it as a part of my blog (for obvious reasons).


What I essentially need is a filter on all my posts to be shown.

new_posts = filter(posts)

Since, Jekyll uses liquid templating engine, we can rely on that for our filter.

Jekyll allows you to add meta data to posts using front matter. So I added a tag to posts I didn’t want to show as DO_NOT_SHOW_IN_POSTS. Also, I filtered out these posts in index.html, and voila, the blog no more shows a link to these posts. They are accessible only if you have link to them.

{% if post.tags contains 'DO_NOT_SHOW_IN_POSTS' %}
  {% else %}
{% endif %}

You can check this post to see how the tag is added to the post.