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Core Data Tips

1. Notes

  • Three types of concurrency available for NSManagedObjectContext
    • Main thread linked to UI (NSMainQueueConcurrencyType)
    • Private queue for background tasks (NSPrivateQueueConcurrencyType)
    • Confinement for legacy (NSConfinementConcurrencyType)
      • used with
        • serialised dispatch_queue or
        • NSOperationQueue with max concurrency one
      • harder to manage
  • To simplify usage of Core Data APIs, use NSMainQueueConcurrencyType
    • View controllers and other UI components can use directly and are not required to know about performBlock: APIs.
  • An instance of NSManagedObject is owned by the NSManagedObjectContext it was created in
    • Access allowed in only the NSOperationQueue (or dispatch_queue) the related NSManagedObjectContext is related to.
    • Use objectID of NSManagedObject to pass around objects.
  • Use performBlock: to do tasks on NSManagedObjectContext.